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Online Payment Integration
While we sincerely believe that ecommerce is the strongest way of selling your products nowadays, people sometime remain skeptical if they see that your site does not have a secure gateway for payment since they would never want their money to be lost or stolen by some internet pirate. Hence you need to have these secure gateways embedded into your online ecommerce sites and we here in Xipe Tech are here to do the job for your ecommerce site (click here if you don’t have one yet). You must be wondering of ways by which people can pay for your services or products through your ecommerce site. Well, we have that covered for you. What we’ll do is that we’ll integrate your website to any secure payment gateway your credit card processing company works with for the moment (we can even change it if you change the middleman anytime) while making sure that we use industry standard SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption to secure the credit card information. By this, you can help your customers by assuring them that the transactions are 100 percent safe. No sensitive information is stored on the website or locally at your physical location. You will only receive the information that you need for shipping and an authorization number as proof that the transaction was authorized. We believe that your website should do as much of job possible for you, which is why we have ensured that all tasks such as payment verification, tax calculation and other important tasks in the process of online payment processing itself. To sum up in short, each and every kind of details that you might require for processing a transaction is taken care of.

To list some of the key features that we provide in our Online Payment Processing services are
» Providing secure 128bit SSL connection for your customers’ transactions making it ultra safe for them.
» Even if you need to store their details because you need to carry out the same transaction every month, we can do that for you too!
» If for any reason you need to store the credit card number because you don’t really know what the final cost is going to be, we can make sure that you have it.
» Our ecommerce based online payment processing methods are completely PCI-DSS compliant We can set you up with payment processors such as PayPal or Skrillex etc.
» Close all the loopholes that you presently have in your existing payment gateways.

Why Choose Xipe Tech?
» Basically, we provide every solution you need.
» If customer need to add in any more solutions to your Online Payment processing methods.
» Our team of experts in online payments and security shall make sure
» There isn’t any loophole in your website.