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E-commerce Development
If your business is about providing products to your customers, then perhaps you'd understand that not all days go smoothly in terms of sales. Some days you'll be experiencing drought but that is also because you haven't expanded your market yet. Sure you might say that you have no control on it, but what if Xipe Tech could show you some way by which you'll be witnessing huge sales every day? After all, we're only here to make your business grow in the first place itself!
E-commerce is the most popular form of door-to-door sales concept and is one of the most effective one as well with over millions of internet users in India alone, visiting these sites every minute. The advantages of E-commerce website over a conventional shop are many such as doorstep delivery which is exactly why people are making the shift to buy from these stores. It always feels great to “Add in Cart” and if you haven't yet exploited the vast potential that E-commerce websites have to improve your recognition and sales then perhaps it is time that we make one for you.

Some of the best features of our E-commerce websites include:
» Multi Store
» Upsell/Cross Sell Management
» Web Services UAT
» Multi Tenant
» Promotion facility
» ERP Integration
» Accept Multiple Currencies
» Full CMS
» Java Source Code
» Multi Language
» Order
» Free Dev QA

Here in Xipe Tech we provide each and every kind of E-commerce solutions for you. We could turn your online website click here to know our website designing services into an e-commerce one by which you could have a greater online presence and when you couple that with our SEO services that generate traffic into your website (click here for more info), you’ll experience an enormous amount of sale everyday! In the end, you'll be wondering if your online presence is much more effective than your physical presence in the store!
Xipe Tech has always tried to ensure that you get the best service which is why we hire only the quality experts in the field of designing an E-commerce website. We'll make sure that your E-commerce site is designed in an elegant way and if you're new in this field then you have no reason to worry since our experts will guide you all the way in making sales and trying to make new customers.
We could also promote your website in Social networking sites such as Facebook and at the same time, ensure that your E-commerce site does not take too much time to load (according to Google, 40% of your visitors will leave your website if it takes more than 4 seconds to load). Xipe Tech understands that each and every second in this E-commerce business is very important which is why we make sure your website is able to handle an unlimited amount of customers in your site and your E-commerce site does not crash in between!
Moreover, we'll make sure that your customers feel safe in doing transactions in your website and provide them many ways of making the payment so that not a single customer of your feels unvalued!

Why Choose Xipe Tech?
» Customizable development.
» Complete technical support.
» Art and Design.
» Programming and architecture.
» Professionally development inner pages, service pages and product pages.
» Easy and intuitive navigation.